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Please use the following workspace to raise ideas for these offerings for all environments (traditional on-premises, containers, cloud):

  • Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

  • Cloud Pak for Network Automation - incl Orchestration and Performance Management

  • Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps - incl Netcool Operations Management portfolio

  • Control Desk

  • Edge Application Manager

  • IBM Observability with Instana

  • ITM-APM Products - incl IBM Tivoli Monitoring v6 and Application Performance Monitoring v8

  • Workload Automation - incl Workload Scheduler



Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

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Add support for multiple ObjectServers in Runbook Automation (Netcool Impact)

Our customer is extending their Netcool landscape to integrate several sites into one centralized stack. Doing so, multiple ObjectServer (one pair per site) will be connected to this centralized approach, resulting in a need for Impact to support ...
Dominic Lehr 9 days ago in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 0 Submitted

ASM Topology Dashboard Favorites Inner Status Coloring

When I create a topology dashboard template and set it as favorite, a nice bubble icon with status colors appear for topology drill down. The pie chart around the icon is actually showing status severity of all topology related objects. Which basi...
Guest about 1 month ago in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 1 Submitted

Allow ORDER BY clause in EVALUATE trigger declaration or FOR EACH ROW control statement

Currently the EVALUATE section of a trigger does not allow the addition of an ORDER BY clause. This RFE is to request that this be implemented.
Guest over 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 1 Future consideration

Enhancement to Scope-based Event Grouping

Enhancement to the scope-based event grouping extension to allow customization on the minimum number of traps for a synthetic event to be created. For example having grouping on a single trap doesn't really provide much benefit to end users. Addi...
Guest about 1 year ago in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 0 Future consideration

JSON functions for rules file processing

The recently published OMNIbus 8.1.0 FP24 containes a new set of JSON processing ObjectServer SQL functions named json_prop_get, json_prop_set, and json_prop_dedup. This is great news!We'd highly appreciate having similar functions available in ru...
Guest 5 months ago in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 1 Planned for future release


At the moment it is possible to add entries in the nco_pa by using the commandline tool nco_pa_add_entry, but it is not possible to remove an entry. Therefore we need for automatic changes with ansible a toll wich removed an existing entry from th...
Guest 4 months ago in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 0 Future consideration

Event Manager - Have the ability to update 'Senders' name in communications

Hi, As per support ticket TS003773566, we are experiencing a low response rate from potential candidates after they receive the communication (an email) from Event manager inviting them for an interview. The sender's name is 'SystemIntegration'. T...
Guest 11 months ago in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 1 Submitted

Request for nco_pa_status results format enhancement, make it more readable when values are long.

nco_pa_status table does not adjust size for long process names when displaying the results. It shifts it and joins words between columns and becomes unreadable. Please enhance the product to format/present the results in such a way that the res...
Guest about 9 years ago in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 2 Planned for future release

Rotate the Password of ObjectServer For every n days

Just wanted to check if there is any possibility to rotate the objectserver password for our users once in n days? because we have a policy to rotate the passwords for every n days.We have a case opened for this - TS001360653
Guest over 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 1 Future consideration

Add "disconnect all clients" code to OMNIbus "resync_finished" trigger

The "resync_finished" automation runs in the designated backup ObjectServer for a high-availability configuration. It runs at the time when the original primary ObjectServer has come back on-line after a fail-over and has been resynchronized.The...
Guest over 3 years ago in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 2 Future consideration